Thursday, July 21, 2011

The New "Old" Collector

As a kid that enjoyed professional sports, I would always venture out to the local card stores and buy tons and tons of cards, hoping I would land those of my favorite players and teams. Whatever allowance I had, it went right out the window into card collecting. As my interest grew, I started attending card shows where I would try and wheel and deal my way to better, more popular cards. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. All I know is that it was something I enjoyed doing...Then I turned into a teenager.

After turning 13-14 years old (Around 1998-1999), I really didn't care about the sports cards anymore. I wanted video games and music albums. So my cards just started sitting and sitting, and over that time, losing value. I remember when people would drop $20 right on the spot for a Shaquile O'Neal rookie card, and now, you can get a lot of 20 of them on eBay for less than $10. And since I really didn't have the heart of collecting anymore, I pretty much just gave them away, and yes, even threw some away, and then sold off everything left of my old stepdad's collection, for $50.

It took me up until last year, 2010, before I got interested again. At the time, I only purchased some 2010 Topps, just to kind of ease myself back into collecting. And within the first few packs I bought, I landed an Alex Rodriguez Pie in the Face card, that I turned around and sold on eBay for $75 (Book Value = $100). I'm not sure what kind of money I could have gotten in a few years, but, I didn't want to take the chance like I did when I was younger. So with that $75, I wanted to buy a box of 2010 Topps in hopes of landing my first ever Game Used or Autograph card. Opening the packs, I eventually landed a Felix Hernandez Peak Performance Game Used Jersey card (BV=$8). Not worth much, but, it started a new way of collecting for me. I would venture out and buy a few Josh Hamilton Game Used Jersey cards before I decided to lay low for the rest of the 2010 season.

Then about a month later, the fire started burning on wanting to collect Autographed cards. Since I didn't want a lot of base cards, I hit up eBay and started bidding on Autographed cards. Then, after thinking about it, I thought it would be fun to buy a few packs here and there, and post on here what I got each time, which is why I started this blog. And that's where we are today. I have a nice little collection of Autographed Cards that I will be writing about, and then I will be talking about packs and boxes I buy and what's in them.

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