Friday, July 22, 2011

2010 Panini Classics - 2 Packs

So earlier today I brought you two packs of the 2011 Panini Prestige, and now I bring you two packs of the 2010 version of Classics, in which I also bought four packs. I found these after the 2011 version because they were hidden behind some UFC cards on a middle rack, so I pulled them out, and just reached in and grabbed the packs. One of them felt thick, so maybe I can hit something like the Mardy Gilyard jersey card earlier, but not getting my hopes up. Also, like the 2011 version, there are many insert cards and they don't give any odds on what you will find in packs/boxes/cases. Anyways, let's get into the dig!

Pack #1 from top to bottom:
#53 Davone Bess
#11 Lee Evans
#34 Nate Burleson
#28 Tony Romo
#85 Vernon Davis

Pack #2 from top to bottom:
#13 DeAngelo Williams
#70 Darren McFadden
#27 Miles Austin
#42 Peyton Manning
#99 Clinton Portis

Well, my assumption was right. Pack #2 had the thick decoy card in it, so no hit, but it did have some good star power to the pack. Just like the 2011 Prestige cards, the 2010 Classic cards have a sweet design on them with some sweet action shots as well. Hopefully there will be something in two of the other packs I picked up when I get around to opening them.


  1. Nice graphic :) I'll follow your collection.

  2. I used to collect these when I was a kid. Thanks for the nostalgia.

  3. same here. used to spend all my allowance on collectible cards. +followed

  4. Nice cards! I never really collected football cards, but those look great.

  5. I want to see more of your collection. :D

  6. tomorrow i will be posting the autograph cards i some cool ones.

  7. grats on the tony romo card.