Thursday, July 21, 2011

2010 Topps 206 — 2 Packs

So today I ran over to Target and picked up a couple packs of 2010 Topps 206, because personally, I love the way the cards look. They have a nice, old timey feel to them as if they were painted onto the card. This set has many different insert sub-sets to look for, and even though I know how to pack search, it's not something I really enjoy doing, nor want to waste my time doing. Because lets face it, we buy the packs because it's the thrill of finding a special card. If every time we bought a pack of cards, we knew there was a special card in there, don't you think that'd definitely take the fun out of it? My point exactly =D

Anywho, these packs are $2.99/ea and contain 6 cards per pack and can be found at Target and your local card store. I'm sure there are other places to buy these, but these have been the only places I've seen them. Now onto the cards picked up.

Pack 1 from the top of the pack to the bottom:
#73 Dustin Pedroia
#71 Paul Maholm (Piedmont Mini)
#246 Raul Ibanez (Bronze)
#183 Carlos Pena
#209 Torii Hunter
#240 Casey McGehee

Pack 2 from the top of the pack to the bottom:
#20 Mark Derosa
#245 Chien Ming Wang (American Caramel Mini)
#293 Jeff Niemann (Bronze)
#171 Ian Desmond *RC*
#77 Scott Sizemore *RC*
#108 Alexi Ramirez

Overall, I got a few decent cards out of these packs. The two mini cards are very cool looking, and I like the plain, subtle photo on the Carlos Pena card. Also scored two decent rookie cards in Desmond and Sizemore. If you are a collector of a certain team or player and I pulled one you would like, please contact me so I can help you out. My prices are very reasonable and won't charge you outrageous shipping.

Normal: Scott Sizemore, Ian Desmond, Dustin Pedroia, Carlos Pena
Minis: Chien Ming Wang, Paul Maholm

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